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Health Savings
as high as 0.10% APY

A HSA is a special account, owned by an individual, used to pay for qualified current and future medical expenses, and used in conjunction with a "High Deductible Health Plan" (HDHP) on a tax free basis. We can help you establish your HSA if you are covered by a high-deductible health plan.

  • $5 Minimum Opening Deposit and Minimum Balance
  • Tax Savings. Federally qualified HSA contributions can be deducted from your gross income on your federal tax return, even if you do not itemize your deductions; distributions are tax-free if used for qualified medical expenses; and accumulated funds grow with tax-deferred earnings.
  • Control. You make all the decisions relating to your account, like whether to save for future expenses or pay current medical expenses and how to invest the funds.
  • Portability. You own your account, and it goes with you if you change jobs or retire. Funds remain in the account from year to year, just like an IRA.


Account APY Dividend Rate
Health Checking Account 0.01% 0.01%
Health Savings Account 0.10% 0.10%
Share Certificate 18 Mo. HSA 1.95% 1.93%
Share Certificate 19 Mo. HSA 4.00% 3.94%
Share Certificate 36 Mo. HSA 2.45% 2.43%
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Health Saving Account

$ 5 to open

Establishes Truity Membership

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Earns dividends
Save for medical expenses
Tax savings potential
All savings are yours until spent
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8. HSA Primary Share requires a minimum $5 balance. Overdraft protection is available from HSA Primary Share. Checks and debit cards are optional and should be used for “normal distributions” only. Therefore, for any other type of Health Savings distribution such as death, disability, or excess contribution removal, contact the credit union to complete a withdrawal form to document the purpose of the distribution. The HSA Primary Share and Health Savings Checking are dividend-bearing accounts.

The dividend rate and annual percentage yield may change at any time as determined by the credit union's board of directors. Dividends are paid from current income and available earnings after required transfers to reserves at the end of the dividend period. The dividend rate and annual percentage yield are the prospective rate and yield that the credit union anticipates paying for the applicable dividend period. Dividends begin to accrue on noncash items (i.e. checks) on the business day you make the deposit to your account. If you close your account before dividends are credited, accrued dividends will not be paid. Fees may reduce the earnings on any account.

See Rate and Fee Schedule.
Rates are subject to change without notice.
Truity Credit Union is federally insured by NCUA.