Fraud Alert: Ignore suspicious calls or texts asking to verify purchases. Scammers use this to steal digital banking information. If you have already responded, call us immediately at 1.800.897.6991.

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Fraud Response Checklist

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What to do right away

Did someone steal and use your personal information? Act quickly to limit the damage.

  • Contact your financial institution or credit card issuer immediately.
  • Contact one of the three credit reporting agencies and place an Initial Fraud Alert.
  • Get copies of your credit reports and examine them carefully; dispute any errors with the credit reporting company.
  • Report to Federal Trade Commission and obtain an Identity Theft Affidavit.
  • File a police report and show your FTC Affidavit.
  • Close any new accounts that you didn’t open.
  • Call Social Security Administration.
  • Keep detailed records of communications with creditors, credit bureaus, etc.
  • Contact the IRS.

Here is a more comprehensive list of steps that you can take in the case of Identity Theft.