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Truity Credit Union Blog > June 2017 > Select or Change Your Card PIN

Select or Change Your Card PIN

  • 6/6/2017

You can now select your own PIN for your debit or credit card—or change your existing PIN—with just a simple phone call.

To select or change your PIN, call 866.985.2273 for debit cards or 888.886.0083 for credit cards. You must call from the home or work phone number we have on file for your account. Have your card handy when you call, and be prepared to provide some personal information to verify your identity.

Once your identity has been confirmed, just enter the four-digit number you’ve selected for your PIN—it’s that easy!

Your PIN can be changed once per day.

Best Practices for Choosing a Secure PIN

With power comes responsibility, and now that you have the power to choose your own PIN, it’s up to you to choose a number that is:

  1. Easy for you to remember, and
  2. Not one that anyone else would guess.

Here are Dos and Don’ts to remember when you’re choosing your PIN:

  • Don’t use a commonly-used combination, like repeating numbers (1111), or consecutive numbers (1234).
  • Don’t use a year connected to any of your personal information, like your birthday, anniversary, or graduation date—or a year that was similarly significant for a family member.
  • Don’t use a number connected to any other personal information, such as your phone number, Social Security number, license plate number, address, etc.
  • Don’t reuse number that you’ve used for another purpose, like a PIN from a different card, or your phone passcode.
  • DO consider selecting a number that is significant for a private reason and changing it a little, such as a childhood address with the numbers in reverse order.
  • DO: one option is to think of a random four-letter word that you will remember and use the corresponding numbers on the key pad. For example, “exit” translates to “3948.”
  • DO: another trick is to start out with a completely random series of numbers and then devise a way to remember it, like making a sentence from the first letters of each number. For instance, 7812 (Seven Eight One Two) becomes S.E.O.T, which can stand for “Sausage Eggs On Toast” or “Shopping Every Other Tuesday.”

When you’ve chosen a number that you will remember, be sure to keep it secure and private. Never write your PIN down or tell anyone what it is. Be aware of anyone who may be looking over your shoulder when you enter your PIN to make a debit card transaction at a store. If you think your PIN may have been compromised, call the above number immediately and change it.