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Cut These Costs TODAY

  • 1/8/2019

Have you ever unexpectedly found out you’re quickly going to have less income? It’s enough to throw you into a panic. However, the best way to get through hard times is to take a few deep breaths and put a plan together. Cutting out fritter, or unnecessary spending is an easy way to keep your expenses within your means. Check out these common targets for eliminating the fritter and frivolous spending!


Of course, dining out evenings at fancy restaurants probably isn’t the best idea when experiencing a budget crunch. However, think about your groceries too. Consider avoiding the higher-priced stores and stocking up on the basics at the more reasonably priced spots. You might find that cooking at home and taking your lunch to work can save you lots of money and is healthier, too.


If you’re like most people, your visual entertainment comes from multiple sources. You may watch movies on cable, in the theater, via rental or online. In crises, it’s best to focus on watching movies at home and using one particular way to do it. In other words, if you have both Netflix and premium movie channels, it’s probably time to go with one or the other.

Phone plans

It’s nice to use a smartphone to be able to look up information on the go, but you could probably make do without the data plan if you had to. Did you know that you could also be on a prepaid smartphone plan? Call your service provider to ask them to perform an analysis on which plan is best for you. You might be paying for more than you need. Also, consider eliminating your house phone if you have one.


It’s important to get some stress-relieving exercise during this trying time, but there’s no reason why you should have to spend money to do it. Brainstorm ways to be active without having to fork over a big chunk of your paycheck. The main thing is to get moving!

Shopping as entertainment

One activity that could put you in the trouble zone is shopping for fun or to ease tension. “I won’t buy anything; I’ll just browse” too often can lead you down the path of unnecessary spending. Eliminate leisure shopping or other activities that put you in temptation.


Is it an option to work from home more? Can you carpool or combine your errands into fewer trips? If your family has multiple vehicles, can you sell one and share the remaining?


With the ease of using the Internet to compare rates, the insurance business is much more competitive than it used to be. Shop around for the best deals on any insurance you have—auto, home, life, etc. Check into bundling these with one company to save even more. How is your credit score? It might affect the cost of certain insurances.  Also be sure to ask about discounts you might apply for and the option of raising your deductible in exchange for a lower monthly payment.


Think of ways to stay warm or cool more efficiently. Put on more layers in the colder months and spend more time outside during the warmer times. Be conscious of turning everything off and even unplugging electrical items when you leave a room.

Habitual items

When you have a comfortable financial situation, it’s easy to buy coffee, cigarettes, alcohol and convenience store snacks without thinking about it. However, in these tighter times, think about what you are getting out of these purchases and if there are expenses that are more important.


If you have more money taken out of each of your paychecks than is necessary to get a large income tax refund check in the spring, you are over-paying the government each month. Cut this expense by using the IRS withholding calculator to determine the appropriate amount to have withheld from each paycheck.

None of these cost-cutting measures alone is guaranteed to solve all cash flow issues immediately, but in concert, they can potentially save you hundreds of dollars per month. Sometimes the fritter in your expenses is hard to find. Use this fritter finder to start writing down your daily expenses so you can identify the most natural costs to cut quickly. Enter email to download worksheet. Our My Finance tool provides an easy way to find the fritter in Online Banking.

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