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Truity Credit Union Blog > August 2020 > Your Guide to My Finance in Digital Banking

Your Guide to My Finance in Digital Banking

  • 8/28/2020

Members at Truity have access to a comprehensive financial planning tool, ready to use at any time via online banking. MyFinance is your one stop shop for setting goals, creating a budget and more! How can I save for college? How do I start a budget? Can I add external accounts? What’s my net worth? MyFinance walks you through answering these questions step by step.

Easy. Free. Everything in one place.

We’ve put together a few “how-tos” to get you started with MyFinance.

How To: Access MyFinance

  1. Log in to digital banking via our website or through our Truity app.
  2. Your main dashboard will appear where you can view all your Truity accounts, transactions, etc. Click on your Checking or Savings account.
  3. In online banking, select MyFinance on the right-hand side, next to the bar graph icon.
  4. In the Truity App, tap the menu icon in the top left corner, then tap MyFinance.  
  5. Another screen will load with the MyFinance dashboard.

How To: Set a Goal

  1. To set a new goal, click the Goals tab.
  2. Click the orange Add Goal button.
  3. A screen will appear with common goals already listed. There are two types of goals to choose from: Save for Goals and Pay Off Goals. Select which one works best for your situation.
  4. On the next screen you can name your goal, tie it to one of your accounts and set up a completion date or a monthly payment amount.
  5. You also have the option to set alerts, keeping you up to date as you move closer to achieving your goal.

How To: Set a Budget

  1. To create a new a budget, click the Budget tab. This section allows you to monitor and track your spending. Click the Add Budget orange button.
  2. A screen will appear with common sections of a budget already listed. Select which ones you want to add. Click the gray Next button.
  3. Create your budget’s name and the monthly limit desired. Click the orange Next button.
  4. You also have the option to set alerts, keeping you up to date as spend throughout the month.
  5. Next, choose which accounts you want to be tied to your new budget. Click the orange Finish button.
  6. A screen will appear allowing you to customize your alert preferences.
  7. TAGS: MyFinance will automatically track your transactions and place them into the categories (or tags) you selected for your budget. In some cases, you may need to manually re-tag or move a transaction to the desired category.

How To: Add External Accounts

  1. To add external accounts to MyFinance, click the Accounts tab. 
  2. The next screen will display your Active and Inactive Truity accounts.
  3. Click the orange circle with the plus sign, on the bottom right to add another account.
  4. A small screen will pop up, click Add Linked Account, next to the key icon.
  5. You can choose from a selection of large financial institutions or use the Search function to find the name of your external servicer.
  6. Click on the name of the company.
  7. On the next screen, enter the User ID and password for your external account and click the orange Connect button.
  8. Next, we will send you a security code to complete the connection. Once you enter the code and continue, the name of the card or account will appear. Click the orange Save button. 
  9. Your external account will now appear when you click the Accounts tab in MyFinance. If the current balance is not correct, check back in a couple hours to let the system update.

If you have any further questions about MyFinance or need other tools to reach your financial goals, contact us today. We’re here to help and want to see you succeed.

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