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Truity Credit Union Blog > August 2018 > Savings Rates are on the Rise

Savings Rates are on the Rise

  • 8/20/2018

Truity savings rates are inching upwards now that the Fed has started raising its rates. Although dividends are tied to competitive factors, not the Federal Funds Rate, the rate hike affects almost everything in our economy and is a sign that the U.S. economy is improving. If you have a savings account with us, you can expect to earn more on your deposits.  

Share Certificates  are an excellent way to set aside money for the future. They are one of the most straightforward, low-risk investments you can make. You can open one with as little as $500, and rates on Truity certificates are very competitive and higher than average. Right now, the 19-month certificate is an especially good value, and you’ll earn 2.45% APR* on your investment for the next 19 months.

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