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How do I activate credit monitoring?

Credit monitoring provides protection against identity theft by monitoring your credit report for new activity. If and when any new activity occurs, you will receive an alert which has been triggered by a change in your credit file. The alert wil...

What is Truity Pay?

Truity Pay is Truity's new P2P (Person-to-Person) payment solution that allows you to send money to your friends, family, or colleagues. In addition, the funds can be transferred instantly if the recipient has a supported debit card (any card on ...

How do I pay someone with Truity Pay?

All you need to pay someone is a phone number or email address. The system will send a link to the recipient and the recipient follows the steps to receive the money. After your first payment, you can create an account and save your contacts for ...

How does Truity Pay work?

Truity Pay uses the debit card network to charge debit and credit accounts much like the way it works at retail stores. The money is instantly moved via debit, but there is a backup option of ACH as well.

What accounts can I make a Truity Pay payment from/to?

From: Only debit cards can be used to send money out to another account. This means that only checking accounts with an active debit card have this service available. To: Supported debit cards (including all Truity cards, and most major Debit...

Where can I access Truity Pay?

Truity Pay can be seen by going into Mobile Banking, clicking on the menu, and selecting “Truity Pay.” Once there, you can log in or send your first payment to create an account.

Does Truity Pay have a separate log on from Mobile Banking?

While Truity Pay is offered through Mobile Banking, it has a separate log on from Mobile Banking. You will be prompted to use your email as your username and create a password at the completion of your first successful payment. Once this is compl...

Is there a fee to use Truity Pay?

No, there is no fee for the Truity Pay service. This is a benefit of having a checking account with a debit card at Truity.

How long does it take my Truity Pay payment to process?

The process can be immediate depending on the sender and receiver of the payments. All payments are sent using a debit card. If the recipient has a supported debit card and clicks accept, the money will immediately be available in the destination...

What debit networks support Truity Pay (P2P) recipients?

Supported EFT debit networks are: Star NYCE Pulse Accel CU24 Shazam

What is an EMV chip-enabled card? - FAQ

EMV stands for EuroPay, MasterCard, VISA, the new microchip technology in your card that increases security. This technology originated in Europe and has been instrumental in preventing the spread of credit card fraud. It’s coming to you in your ...

How do I activate my card with the EMV chip?

For Credit Cards Please have your new card in hand and call 1.800.527.7728 to activate your card. For Debit Cards Please have your new card in hand and call 1.866.985.2273 to activate your card. After June 16, 2017, you will not be able to us...

How do I sign up for credit card eStatements?

Log in to Online Banking . Click on the Credit Cards in the navigation. Hover over  Statements & Activity  and choose Go Paperless  in the Credit Cards dashboard. Choose the card you for which you would like to set up eStat...

How do I begin using Online Banking? - FAQ

Watch this short video to see the necessary steps for getting started with Online Banking.

Can I open a checking account, share certificate or money market online? - FAQ

You can open a Prime Share, Simply Free Checking, Dividend Checking, 50 + Gold Checking, Performance Fund, and Performance Plus account online via an online form . If you are currently a member , you may open a Share Certificate , Performanc...

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