What To Expect


Once you make a deposit on a tour, you have reserved your space for that trip. Upon your direction, Leslie will either bill you monthly with a statement and invoice, or bill you for the final cost approximately 45 days prior to the tour departure date. Day trips and short tours by motor coach are paid by check or draft only. For all other tours, credit card payments are accepted.

Before Departure

Approximately 30 days prior to the departure date for any tour 5 days or longer, you will receive an invitation from Leslie for a “Document Meeting.” This is a fun meeting for members who will be traveling on your tour to meet each other before the trip. Leslie will have all of your travel documents and detailed itineraries to give to you at this meeting. Tips on packing, what to bring, and TSA requirements are covered, in addition to any questions you may have. The meeting venue in Bartlesville may change and the meeting time can vary, from lunch time to early evening cocktail & hor’dourve hours, to keep the meeting fun and fresh. If you cannot attend a Document Meeting, Leslie can meet with you in person on a different date or mail your documents to you. Once the date is set for the meeting, simply let Leslie know what works best for you. If you can make the meeting, please do so, it’s part of the fun!

Departure Day

On the day of departure, travelers will meet at the Wal-Mart Administration parking lot to be picked up by motor coach and transferred to the airport. If you would like to leave your vehicle parked on the lot, you may do so. Truity Credit Union’s Club Go has a contract for free parking on their lot. All travelers leaving vehicles in the parking lot must sign a hold harmless agreement that is required by Wal-Mart to park for free on their lot. You will pull your luggage to the side of the coach, at which point Leslie will use an orange luggage strap to attach to your checked bags. This helps Leslie identify your bags at the airport baggage claims and during hotel transfers. The driver then loads your luggage while you sit comfortably on board, ready to start your journey!

Once at the airport, Leslie assists all travelers with check in and getting to terminals through various layovers. Leslie will ensure all travelers are accounted for and in the right place.

Destination Arrival

At the tour destination, a local tour guide will meet the group at the airport baggage claim. Leslie will assist you with pulling your luggage to the transportation vehicle and the group will then depart for the hotel.

Tour Time

At this point, it’s Tour Time! The local expert tour guide will begin the tour and show the group around, providing history and insights into local lore. Leslie serves as a secondary source for information and help to Club Go travelers. Leslie's primary purpose at this point is to ensure Club travelers are safe and accounted for. If for any reason you need medical attention, Leslie will have your pre-filled medical forms on hand, and will personally escort you to any medical facility you may need. If for any reason you need to come home during the tour for an emergency, Leslie would arrange that for you as well. In addition, Leslie is happy to serve as concierge for any special requests you may have on tour during “free time” allotments. All travelers will be provided with Leslie's personal contact number in the event you need to reach her for any reason.

Preparing For Return

At the end of the tour, Leslie provides a luggage scale so you can maneuver your new purchases around your bags and avoid any extra baggage fees. The group is provided a motor coach ride from Tulsa to Bartlesville, returning to the Wal-Mart parking lot. Something special that Leslie enjoys doing on tour for our Club members is taking photos of you! At the end of a tour, Leslie will print the pictures taken and mail them to you so that you have memories to keep from your trip.

Activity Levels

Activity Level 1

Activity Level 1

Tours are leisurely, involving minimal physical activity, such as boarding a motorcoach and walking from hotel rooms to dining areas.

Activity Level 2

Activity Level 2

Tour requires average physical activity. You should be in good health, able to climb stairs and walk over uneven ground.

Activity Level 3

Activity Level 3

Tours include short and long days, and some leisure time. Walking longer distances over uneven terrain, and climbing stairs, should be expected.

Activity Level 4

Activity Level 4

Walking longer distances over uneven terrain, climbing stairs, and standing for long periods of time should be expected. Some activities may occur in the evening.