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Truity Pay

Need to split a lunch check with a friend, reimburse a friend for movies tickets, or pay a friend for gas in their car? Try Truity Pay. An easy way to send money to a friend or relative. All you need is your friend's phone number or email address and you can send them money from your Truity checking account.

How to Send Money

Send money to anyone by using Truity Pay, our person-to-person payment option.

  • Visit Truity Pay within Truity's Mobile App.
  • Transfer money to a friend by filling out the form with your payment information. You will need the recipient’s name and their email address or mobile phone number plus your Truity debit card number to complete this transaction. As an extra layer of security, you will need to enter your debit card PIN number.
  • When you send a person money, the recipient will receive an email or text message letting them know that you have sent them money.
  • Once they claim the money, you'll receive a notification that it's been debited from your Truity checking account. *

If the recipient never accepts the money, it’s returned to your account after 10 days. Plus, you can cancel any payments made in error before your recipient claims their cash.

How to Receive Money

  • You will receive a text or email notification letting you know your friend has sent you money.
  • You can receive money via debit card immediately (on supported networks) or via ACH.

Optimize your experience by creating an account

When you create an account, person-to-person transfers are a snap.

  • Register for a Truity Pay account to create contact lists
  • Save debit cards and account details
  • View sent and received history
  • ​Receive money sent to you easily through your Truity Pay login

*Receipt of money can be immediate (on a supported debit network), or up to 5 days if your recipient chooses the ACH option. Supported debit networks are Star, NYCE, Pulse, Accel, CU24, Shazam.

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