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Courtesy Pay

What is Courtesy Pay? Courtesy Pay is a service the Credit Union offers that works like a safety net for your checking account. By providing up to $800, we will pay merchant charges and allow you to pay us back. The small fee associated with Courtesy Pay protects you from receiving returned checks and NSF(Non Sufficient Funds) fees.

Courtesy Pay is a non-contractual courtesy and is discretionary. See the full disclosure here. Courtesy Pay may cover overdrafts as a result of checking, ATM, ACH, debit card transactions or other withdrawals. Other, less expensive protection against overdrafts may be available to you. Courtesy Pay is available on the following checking accounts:

Simple Checking
Dividend Checking
Advantage Checking
Identity Checking
Business Checking

Courtesy Pay is an optional service.  To stop or start service please call us at 1.800.897.6991.

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Courtesy Pay

Up to $800 in courtesy pay

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Optional account service
Protect yourself from returned checks and NSF fees