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Truity Credit Union Blog > October 2016 > Why it’s more important than ever to protect your financial info

Why it’s more important than ever to protect your financial info

  • 10/3/2016 11:45:23 AM

Truity Credit Union is committed to ensuring the security of your financial and personal information by using the latest technology to safeguard your privacy. We take protecting you and your accounts very seriously. We employ internal and external audits to help uncover any concerns. You may have heard about the recent scandal at Wells Fargo that has left many consumers uneasy. About 2 million phony accounts were discovered, complete with forged signatures and sham email addresses, costing thousands of customers overdraft and maintenance fees for accounts they didn’t even know about. Meanwhile, data breaches at major retail chains like Target and Home Depot are becoming commonplace, making it almost scary to shop with a debit or credit card.

While Truity takes extra steps to insure your financial security, it’s important that all of us monitor our own financial information, too. Here are some important tips:

Watch your account activity

It sounds obvious, and yet it remains one of the most important ways to protect yourself. Check your bank and credit card accounts regularly and report any unusual transactions. This rule especially applies if you recently shopped at a store that experienced a data breach.

Check your credit report every four months

Technically, you can only access a free version of your credit report once a year. However, there are three credit-reporting agencies (Experian, Equifax and TransUnion). If you order a free report from one agency now, from another agency four months from now, and from the third agency in four more months, you will have checked your credit report three times in a year. Watch for any unfamiliar accounts and contact the creditor to dispute inaccurate information.

Set up alerts

If you bank online or through our app, set up text or email alerts on your Truity credit card to let you know when specific transaction types occur. It’s fast and easy, and you can change your alerts anytime. Log into online banking, click Credit Cards, then the Communications tab. Select Member Alerts, then Manage Alerts. Alerts like these can help you detect fraud as soon as it happens, so you can report it quickly.
If you haven’t used online banking before, register today.

Some of the information in this article came from Balance, a free service from Truity Credit Union. Please review our Security Center for other helpful tips on account security.

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