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Truity Credit Union Blog > May 2017 > A Bright, New Look for your Truity App

A Bright, New Look for your Truity App

  • 5/17/2017 11:43:46 AM

The Truity mobile app has been redesigned to give the app a brighter, more modern appeal. While the layout of the app has changed, the functionality of the app remains same. Account access and credentials also have not changed. The update affects the Apple and Android phone apps only (tablet app is not included). The layout changes include:

Balances Screen
Navigation layout moved to the bottom of the screen
New Action Button
A new "Action Button" (Orange Button) for Transfers, Deposits and Bill Payments
More Button
A "More" button to access all additional mobile features

Download the App

If you aren’t a mobile app user, you’re making banking too hard! See for yourself.

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