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Truity Credit Union Blog > April 2022 > Help Us With the Security of Your Account

Help Us With the Security of Your Account

  • 4/15/2022

At Truity Credit Union, we recognize and understand the importance of securing your account information.

We have gone to great lengths in recent years to ensure that your information is as safe as possible. For example, in 2019 we implemented two factor authentication, not only for digital banking access but also for employee access to our network. We are constantly reviewing our hardware and software for any known vulnerabilities and updating as security patches are provided by our vendors.

National Credit Union Administration (our federal regulator) reviews our information technology utilization through their Cybersecurity Assessment Tool during their examinations. Our internal and external audit programs also include regular reviews of our information security and penetration testing.

Despite our many precautions, we receive calls from our members that their personal identifying information has been compromised. Quite often this occurs because a member has provided too much information over the phone or by clicking on a link in an email or a text message. Once the member sees a withdrawal from their account or a purchase made with their credit card, they realize that the phone call, email or text message was actually fraudulent.

Please remember that we already have your account number, credit card number and/or debit card number. We will also never ask for your digital banking password, your card’s CVV number or the number that was sent to you by text when you logged into your digital banking account from a new device (mobile phone, tablet or laptop).

We need your help in keeping your account information safe and secure. Please review every transaction and contact us if you see anything questionable. Most importantly, DO NOT give anyone else your password and/or PIN numbers, even if you think the person is an employee of Truity Credit Union. Call us directly at 800.897.6991 to verify any communication or request for information.

- Dennis Halpin, President/CEO