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What is my credit union account number format? - FAQ


At the Credit Union when you come to a branch you can walk right up to one of our Tellers and give them the shorter account number that you are familiar with such as 1234567.  When setting up transfers at other institutions or direct deposit you will need a little more information to complete the request.  Be certain that you are using the correct account format for any transactions including other financial institutions:

Here is an example of our MICR line information:

1 40 0001234567

A = Draft Type. 1 = Share, 2 = Loan or Line of Credit
B = Share ID. For example, 01 = Savings, 40 or 41 = Checking, 48 or 49 = Performance Fund (considered a checking account).
C = Your 10 digit account number. If the number is less than 10 digits, add leading zeros to the beginning of the number.

Our ABA/Routing and Transit Number is 303184652.

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