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How do I set up Quicken with the online banking system? - FAQ


You will have to first set up your online banking username and password. You will then have to connect your Quicken account with your credit union account.

To begin, start by performing the following steps:

  • Complete First Time Log On to online banking and create your username and password
  • Backup your Quicken data
  • Deactivate your account for Web Connect & One Step Update
  • Reactivate Web Connect & One Step Update
    • Select Truity Credit Union as your institution
    • Enter your new online banking username
    • Enter your new online banking password
    • Reenter your new online banking password
  • Select which transactions you wish to download
  • Review your updated account info

Alternatively, you can use the Add Account feature inside Quicken, select the institution, and fill out your name and password. When the accounts are recognized you can select the option to link to current accounts.

More detailed Information and tutorials on Quicken/Quickbooks can be found at

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