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Personal Loans & Lines of Credit
as low as  11.25%  APR*

Personal Loans with fixed payment terms for the life of your loan. Consolidating debt, replacing credit cards with a loan, or financing a large purchase? Personal loans from the Credit Union are a great way to get a loan based on your good credit.

Personal Loans – Personal Loans are just that, personal. They are loans intended to help you with those financial needs unique to your situation and have a fixed payment and terms up to 60 months. Personal Loans are cross-collateralized.
Lines of Credit – Lines of Credit are convenient and funds can be easily accessed by calling the Credit Union, stopping by one of our branches or logging into Online Banking. Give yourself peace of mind by setting up a Line of Credit as Overdraft Protection for free insurance on your checking account. 


Type/Term APR
Line of Credit 11.25%
Personal Loan FIXED 11.25%
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Personal Loans

Get cash based on your good credit!


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Loans with flexible terms up to 60 months
Predictable, fixed payments
Lines of credit for overdraft protection
Easy and accessible credit in branch, on phone, or online

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Personal Loan Calculator


Amount Financed Monthly Payment Total Amount Paid* Total Interest Paid* Interest Rate Term in Months
$0.00 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00
*This assumes that you do not refinance and do not prepay any principle amount.

Detailed Payment Schedule for Personal Loan

Month Payment Principle Interest Balance