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Avoid ATM fees

  • 6/3/2015 4:28:50 PM
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ATM fees can add up, but you may be able to avoid them altogether by following these tips:

  • Use a Truity ATM when possible. Locate ATM
  • Use a Dividend or Advantage checking account from Truity and be reimbursed for ATM fees from any ATM outside our network.* It’s easy to switch to a different checking account. You can even use the same checks and debit card you have now. Just ask us how.
  • Pre-plan your cash needs. Stop at a branch to withdraw cash or choose the debit option and cash back when purchasing items at a merchant.
  • Download our mobile app to check your balances, move money and deposit checks with your smartphone. 

*Use your debit card ten or more times for purchases in the previous 31-day period to qualify. ATM surcharge refunds will be credited to the qualifying account at the end of each calendar month in which ten or more debit card purchases were made.

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