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Truity Credit Union Selected As an Oklahoma Certified Healthy Business

  • 9/30/2013 9:11:16 AM
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"Last year was such a privilege for us given all of the efforts that the Credit Union puts into the health and wellness of its employees," said Andria McCollough, Vice President of Human Resources. "However when we received the merit certification this year representing the heightened focus we’ve placed on our wellness programs, it is truly an honor," she added.

The Credit Union’s focus on health and wellness activities expands beyond their onsite fitness room complete with treadmills, ellipticals, punching bags and the like, to a $600 wellness reimbursement for individuals and spouses, space for breastfeeding mothers, free flu shots, health risk appraisals through the insurance program, free annual physical exams for employees, blood pressure screening devices, newsletters on health education, health topics in electronic media, National Walk at Lunch Day activities, break times offered for exercise, nutritional information in break rooms, employee support groups on internal electronic medium, worksite safety policy for texting while driving, health/wellness focus by various employees, an employee assistance program, onsite occupational safety program with disaster and robbery focus, and supporting community blood donor programs. This year, with 979 groups submitting applications throughout the state, the Credit Union deems it a win to be selected once again to receive this year’s designation of an Oklahoma Certified Healthy Business.
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