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Member Pays It Forward

  • 12/9/2013 12:52:54 PM
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Who would think that 20 seconds in a money machine could benefit an entire family? One teen chooses to make a difference.

As a special birthday gift to our 14-18 year-old members, Truity Credit Union grants 20 seconds in the lobby money machine. The money machine is loaded with cash, and after the teen enters, the machine is turned on and cash begins to whirl in the air. Cash caught within 20 seconds can be pocketed by the teen to use whatever way they wish. Some folks make it a friends and family event by recording comical moments of their teen grasping frantically for dollars.

We were especially touched this holiday season by 18 year-old Ben Pauls. Pauls took a turn in the money machine and caught a whopping $85. When asked how he was going to spend the money, he gave an unusual answer. Pauls explained the money would be used to purchase gifts and needed household items for a family that his English class had adopted for the holidays. Thank you, Ben, for creating a magical moment for us all.

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