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Can I use online banking with Internet Explorer 6? - FAQ

Internet Explorer 6 has known security issues and is not supported for online banking. We suggest updating your browser to the latest version of Internet Explorer, or downloading an alternate browser like Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. Down...

Can I use Safari to access online banking? - FAQ

Safari versions below 5.1.7 are not compatible with online banking. To achieve the best online banking experience using Safari, you will need to upgrade to the latest release of Safari.

Do I have to sign up for mobile banking to get text banking? - FAQ

Signing up for mobile banking and text banking are the same thing as they are both provided by the same vendor and use the same logon credentials. No matter which one you attempt to sign up for first the same username and password you create will...

Do I need a text message or data plan for mobile banking? - FAQ

Yes, a text messaging and/or data plan is typically needed for your phone, as data usage can become expensive without them. Please check with your wireless carrier for more information.

Does online banking list my active debit cards? - FAQ

Yes. To view your cards, click on the My Profile tab and choose Debit Card(s) from the sub tabs. A list of all debit cards associated with your account and their current status will be displayed.

Does Truity Pay have a separate log on from Mobile Banking?

While Truity Pay is offered through Mobile Banking, it has a separate log on from Mobile Banking. You will be prompted to use your email as your username and create a password at the completion of your first successful payment. Once this is compl...

How do I access mobile banking on my phone's browser? - FAQ

Select the following link and click Login.

How do I access my tax forms? - FAQ

From the main navigation, click on Accounts. Then click the eDocuments subtab. Then click the Tax Forms link.

How do I activate credit monitoring?

Credit monitoring provides protection against identity theft by monitoring your credit report for new activity. If and when any new activity occurs, you will receive an alert which has been triggered by a change in your credit file. The alert wil...

How do I activate my card with the EMV chip?

For Credit Cards Please have your new card in hand and call 1.800.527.7728 to activate your card. For Debit Cards Please have your new card in hand and call 1.866.985.2273 to activate your card. After June 16, 2017, you will not be able to us...

How do I activate text banking? - FAQ

Complete the Mobile Registration process to register for Mobile Banking and create a User ID and Password. Visit the Mobile Banking Center from your computer to enroll your phone and receive an activation code.

How do I begin using Online Banking?

Visit the login page of online banking . (Use a PC for an enhanced experience.) Click on the Register link on the top right navigation. After accepting the terms and conditions, complete the next questions using the Primary Account Holder's...

How do I cancel a transfer in mobile banking? - FAQ

Once an internal Transfer is complete, it cannot be cancelled.

How do I change my log on ID? - FAQ

Your log on ID is one of the key elements to your online security. We encourage you to change your ID on a regular basis; every 90 days is a good security practice. In order to change your Online Banking ID, you have a few options. Option 1: Upo...

How do I change my Mobile Banking user ID?

There are two ways you can change or reset your mobile banking username. If you know your current mobile username, you can log into the mobile app, open the mobile menu on the left, and choose Manage Credentials from the menu. This will open a w...

Displaying results 16-30 (of 138)
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